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Reasons to Recycle
MiddleMan - Linkable, foldable, portable recycling containers for inside the home, office, or school.
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"Recycling the past for our future"

One Portable Recycling Unit

Two Portable Recycling Units


Harleman Products' HARPRO MiddleMan line of portable recycling containers are linkable units consisting of environmentally friendly wood products and your choice of two types of reusable bags. The first type is a biodegradable burlap bag, which is ideal for holding dry recyclables, such as newspaper, junk mail, cardboard, etc, and are also very useful as laundry bags. The other choice is our green non-woven polypropylene bag, made from recycled material, which is ideal for holding all recyclables, also known as single-stream recycling. This remarkable fabric is recyclable, non-toxic, non-allergenic, and machine washable. These recycling containers are used for holding all items destined for recycling, and can fold for easy storage. When units are linked together, there are more bags to contain the recycling debris whether for single stream (no separation needed), or separated recycling. A perfect solution for environmental awareness and conservation in the home, office, apartment, dormitory, or school.


More information on these recycling container units can be found on the products page.  


Now, more than ever, is the time we need to become more responsible, conscious consumers.  Recycling has a tremendously positive effect on our local and world environment.  Recycling unites communities with a common cause, that of helping our planet, our provider of everything we need to live and stay healthy.


We are beginning to realize now that those things given us from this wonderful planet should be given back.  Recycling for our planet means recycling for our own lives.  If we keep taking and not giving back, we deplete that which makes life possible - our beloved planet.


We can all help maintain our planet by the very simple act of recycling.


Best wishes for a healthy life,


David Harleman
Harleman Products, LLC

Please Recycle!

Harleman Products is the top source for reusable recycling bins and portable recycling containers.

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Harleman Products’ HARPRO MiddleMan portable recycling containers are unique in the recycling industry. Our containers can be linked together, which make them the ideal recycling bins for home use or for commercial use, and they can be folded for easy storage . You can easily connect as many containers as you need for your purposes. At Harleman Products, we offer our clients two different types of reusable recycling bags. The first is a biodegradable burlap style that is perfect for dry recyclables, including newspapers and cardboard. These bags can also double as laundry bags. The second bag option is crafted from an environmentally-friendly polypropylene material. These can hold all recyclables, regardless of material. Our goal is to make it simple for families and business owners to encourage recycling on a daily basis. We believe that it is more important than ever to protect our world for future generations. Our recycling bins make this easy.



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